Update August 19, 2011

So I haven’t made any updates lately so just thought I’d write you guys and let ya’ll know what I’ve been up too… I am currently in Boston hanging with family, mainly just relaxing and doing nothing. I haven’t done “nothing” in years! This has been much needed and so good! Sleeping in until 10am going to Starbucks, reading, watching tv, and playing basketball… it’s like I’m a high schooler again (except I def never read for fun in high school).

But soon, I’m off for a little road trip up and down the northeast (more on that later) After that I’ll be heading back west, but before I reach home, I’ll be heading to Chicago to meet my new nephew, and then to Seattle to hang with my homie John… then finally back home to Huntington Beach…

This summer so far has been nuts…

The question family and friends have been asking has been what’s next? Right now I’m honestly unsure… that is still a question mark and an unknown in my life… I have a few speaking engagements that I’m committed to in Sept. and Oct… but other then that no real job plans…  Prayers are appreciated as always.

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