A Pedagogy of the Privileged

A Pedagogy of the Privileged May 11, 2018


A Pedagogy of the Privileged

Today, as I was walking to work I walked past a group of protestors making their way down Broad St. (here in Philadelphia).

The leader in front shouted into her bullhorn “Give us our…” and the group would yell in unison, “Freedom!”

Their signs spoke about the injustice of incarcerated mothers and it seemed as if the purpose and hope of this protest down Broad St. were to raise money in order to bail out incarcerated mothers.

This got me thinking, “How Much Money Do We Lose Because of Mass Incarceration?”

I remember reading somewhere that an estimated amount of $300 billion is left on the table, and lost by our US economy, simply because of our lack “minority leadership” within the business world.

That’s approximately half of defense budget.

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