Research Suggests Inclusivity is Actually Hurting the Church

Research Suggests Inclusivity is Actually Hurting the Church July 11, 2018

The Church is Not the NFL

This is to say that, the Church, is not a business and Jesus is not a commodity to sell.

While the NFL scrambles to please their consumers by creating an image they’ll continue to buy into, we must remember that the end goal for them is money. People attending and watching their games is at the core of their existence.

The Churches end goal is not money and never has it been meeting our quarterly’s.

Theologically speaking, maintaining institutions is not and should not be at the core of the Christians agenda.

(This is not to say that numbers don’t matter this is just highlighting the fact that numbers aren’t always everything.)

How fickle can we be if one reads these statistics and is willing to immediately change up their call to love others?

It’s reminding ourselves of the cliche in that “the Church is not a building.” This is to say that saving our institution(s) is not on the forefront of the average progressive Christians agenda(4). And, along similar lines, just because progressive congregations are shrinking, does not mean the overall population is not becoming more progressive.

While numbers don’t lie, sometimes people do; numbers, they aren’t always everything.

Regardless, as Christians, collectively speaking, we’re in a tough period. It’s tense and extremely uncomfortable.

But, sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better…



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[1]This bothers me.
[4]Although, as I’ve said before in a previous post (here) It makes me sad to see these institutions sink.
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