The Efficacy of Intercessory Prayer…

The Efficacy of Intercessory Prayer… October 10, 2018

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The Efficacy of Prayer

[I want to say upfront, I have a bias; in that, I’m not at all anti-prayer. So, when I’m writing this I am purposely trying to empathize with those whom are anti-prayer in attempt to see their view]

A few years ago I collapsed while playing basketball… It was scary, mostly for others because, well, I was unconscious but, shortly thereafter, once I regained consciousness and my confusion had worn off I had been told someone had called paramedics and, like it or not, they were on their way.

It really was far more dramatic than it actually was but, I had a rapid heart rate in which I presumed was just from anxiety – it wasn’t until a frantic nurse (who seemed more triggered than myself) told me that they needed to stop my heart and then restart it. They later found out I needed minor heart surgery to fix the problem but, I bring this up because this is usually the point in which we begin to pray and take the idea of God most seriously…

Still, to this day, I’m unsure if I’ve ever prayed harder than when that nurse told me she was tryna stop my heart in order to start it back up once again. Again, it wasn’t that serious but, in my mind…

Regardless, this swings me back around to the topic at hand today, Is prayer effective? And, if so, what does the research say the outcome of our prayers are?

Coming to you “through the power of the internet” I found just that, research providing some answers to whether or not prayer is, in fact, positively effective…

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