We Need More Broken Pastor’s…

We Need More Broken Pastor’s… September 7, 2011

Perfect pastors are bad for the church…

They model a lifestyle that isn’t realistic, that isn’t true. To put it plainly pastors who appear perfect, aren’t. Their living a lie. Giving off a false perspective.

I’ll never forget my first internship, my first Sunday morning the head pastor took the stage, paused, and went on to say, “For the past few weeks I’ve been battling depression.” I’m not sure how much of that message I would have remembered, if it weren’t for his authenticity… Him coming forward stepping off of his pedestal that we created for him and saying, “I’m broken, I’m a human just like you. I struggle with the same things you as a congregation struggles with…”

We need more broken pastors, more pastors that wear their heart on their sleeves, that are honest, authentic, that set a great example for us as broken people.

Sadly this isn’t always the case… Though this doesn’t necessarily start with the head pastor this can start with us (the congregation), creating an atmosphere where others, including the pastor, feel welcome and comfortable living an open honest life. So may we remove our masks, stop living a lie, and be honest in the midst of both good and bad times… creating a welcome environment for both the struggling and the not so struggling.

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