Week 5, Done.

Week 5, Done. July 9, 2011

This week in recap, has probably been one of the most challenging weeks (still nothing in comparison to week one here in Pine Ridge) it seemed as if everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Starting with our evening activity as here in this community parents don’t necessarily monitor their children, who some how, some way… seem to find unlimited amounts of fireworks. Children (5 year olds, I kid you not) were shooting fireworks off into crowds, throwing them at each other, pointing roman candles in the directions of strangers… literally burning and blowing their hands off… it was as close to being in a war zone any of us as a YouthWorks staff has been, so I decided bringing 70+ high schoolers, who’s parents entrusted us with for the week, wasn’t the smartest thing.

After running for our lives from 5 year olds with fireworks… half of our participants were hit by the plague (24 hours of fun), we lost our showers, then one of our ministry sites shut down unexpectedly leaving us with a fifth staff member with no real job… 

And as if all of this wasn’t enough our dining area was taken away from us due to a panel discussion that none of us were aware of… 

It’s funny, right when we hit cruise control, and think and feel as if we’re completely in control. We realize we’re not. God reminds us he’s in control and that no matter what happens, what goes wrong or right in our minds, in the end he still wins… and comes out victorious.

Thursday night during our foot-washing service, as I sat there and watched the leaders wash their students feet, it reminded me why we do this, why we put ourselves through this… why we live in a house without any furniture but our air mattresses, why we shower with hoses, eat outside on the ground, cook meals in a 100 degree non air conditioned kitchens, travel two hours to the closest shopping center to purchase 700 dollars worth of bread… It’s so that the students, these leaders, this community, and even us as a youthworks staff can encounter Christ and His unfailing love, and be reminded that HE is in control… And that we constantly need to turn to Him, rely and depend on Him, during both good and bad times… and no matter what happens, no matter how badly we mess up, in the end he still wins… 

“What, then shall we shall in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

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