Some hysterical memes about the differences between men and women

Some hysterical memes about the differences between men and women January 27, 2016
People always send me memes about the differences between men and women.  Some of them are too raunchy to post, but this one was (fairly) tame and made me laugh out loud.  Mostly because A) it fits so well with my research but also B) because I see myself and Jeff in so many of these!  (Except the picture about the woman’s desk being the one that is clean.  Ahem.)
Why do these strike such a nerve?  Because most of us see ourselves in these pictures! Most guys are lonelier after a breakup than they think they will be; most men are indeed ready to go after 5 minutes, only to find that the woman isn’t – even after an hour of prep time! And yes, guys, we really do have nothing to wear in our overflowing closet.
I look at these and wish I had been given the gift of design! I think it is highly amusing that I can spend 12 years and $400,000 on research about the differences between men and women, and labor over publishing them in books that each take me years to write… and then an artist with keen insight can come along and summarize some of the funnier concepts in just a few pictures.  Picture me being totally jealous.
So take a look – and enjoy!
brightside 1
brightside 2
brightside 3
brightside 4
brightside 5
brightside 6
brightside 7
brightside 8
brightside 9
brightside 10
brightside 11
brightside 12
brightside 13
brightside 14
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