How to Live With Unshakeable Hope

How to Live With Unshakeable Hope March 28, 2024

You and I were made to live with rock-solid hope. But when we’re in pain or discouraged, hope can feel far away just when we need it most, right?

That’s why I’ve released a brand-new 60-day devotional, Find Hope. This is a book straight from my research-loving heart, and I’ve been waiting for Easter week – the most hope-filled time on the calendar for Christians – to tell you about it. Because we need to know that we can build a rock-solid hope that never feels far away!

Here’s the problem we most need to overcome: We are settling for the wrong kind of hope. We often use the word “hope” like this:

  • I hope I get the grade I need to pass.
  • I hope the cancer doesn’t return.
  • I hope my job doesn’t get downsized.

These hopes (while totally valid) are actually synonymous with worries. I hope I get a passing grade … but I’m worried I won’t. This is little-h hope – and it can’t keep us going. Why? Because it hinges on one particular outcome.

God wants us to have a sense of hope even if we don’t get the outcome we want! This is Hope with a capital H. It is God’s fuel for our lives, and it is available to you and me.

I can almost hear the next question. How do I find that kind of hope?

I searched scripture and science for answers to this question, and I’ve compiled what I found into my brand new 60-day devotional  . Its pages combine Biblical wisdom and inspiration with practical, doable habits that cultivate Capital-H Hope – the kind that sustains us through hard times and in dark places.

Here’s a sneak peek into three of the book’s ten hope-building habits.


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