3 Reasons Your Wife Won’t Tell You Exactly What She Wants

3 Reasons Your Wife Won’t Tell You Exactly What She Wants January 25, 2018

1 3 Reasons Your Wife Won't Tell You Exactly What She Wants
Not long ago, someone we know got engaged via a multi-stage, elaborate proposal that had clearly taken an immense amount of thought and effort. A mutual friend, upon hearing the story, told him, “Good job. Only 9,999,999 tests left to go.” The lucky groom, of course, wondered: why do women “test” and “play games” with their men at all? He said, “She wouldn’t just tell me she wanted me to come up with something big like that. She said, ‘Whatever you want’ but I suspected that she didn’t really mean it. I wish she would have just told me. But at least I got it right this time.”

Guys, there are 3 key reasons your wife wants you to figure out what she wants, rather than just telling you. (These aren’t my opinion, but are the results of years of research and nationally representative surveys of women for For Men Only.) I know these may seem absolutely crazy, but once you realize the truth of these factors – and learn to see and respond to them – you’ve truly cracked the code. Those things that probably most confuse you about women won’t confuse you anymore.

So read closely – and if you don’t think these three reasons could possibly be true, ask your wife!

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