2 Mistakes We Make That Create Loneliness

2 Mistakes We Make That Create Loneliness April 4, 2018

Mistake #1: Demonstrating Apathy About Building Community

We are all busy. I have two active teenagers, a hardworking husband, and I am always running around the country on speaking engagements. I’m full up! What suffers? Getting together with friends; prioritizing our church Connect Group. “Sorry, we weren’t able to be there tonight . . . or last week . . . or the month before that . . .”

But we were not created to do life alone. After all, according to the Genesis account describing the formation of mankind, God looked at all of his creation and said “It is good” with one exception. It was absolutely not good for man to be alone. So, God made someone with whom he could do life. Then, in the first recorded small group, he himself walked in the garden with the man and his wife.

Scientists have found that when we don’t do life with others, we are at higher risk of everything from depression to cancer. Multiple times in the Bible, God stresses that he designed us to love and support each other. We are directed to live in community with other followers of Christ. That means we have to prioritize community and work everything else around it if at all possible!

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