Men, Improve Your Love Life by Taking Care of Yourself

Men, Improve Your Love Life by Taking Care of Yourself December 13, 2018

Guys, is your wife constantly encouraging—or even nagging—you to take better care of yourself? I recently heard from a man who thought he was doing a decent job in that area. He—like you, perhaps—works out sometimes and tries to eat healthy when he can, although he does enjoy junk food and (literally!) gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar a bit too often. Lately, he’s noticed that his wife is less receptive to his advances and doesn’t seem to be as passionate about him as she was before. And almost every night after dinner she asks him to go to the gym or take walk with her. He asked me how to get her off his back and get the romantic side of their relationship back on track. 

Well, I honestly think this guy is completely missing the point of what his wife has been trying to tell him! If he wants her to respond to his advances, he’s going to have to address her concerns. Because, believe it or not, husbands, how healthy you are really matters to your wife. And she might not think you’re doing as good a job at taking care of yourself as you think you are.

She’s not unusual in caring about this, by the way. Even though women aren’t as “visual” as men are, the effort men put into taking care of themselves and being healthy has a huge impact on women. Why? I saw two things in my research that you really need to know.

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