4 Reasons Why Wives Can Feel Insecure

4 Reasons Why Wives Can Feel Insecure July 13, 2021

“Honey … are we OK?” Lowell’s wife had that hesitancy in her voice and worry in her eyes again. Whenever she asked him that question, Lowell wondered what he might have done wrong. From his point of view, things were going great in their marriage. He loved his wife dearly and couldn’t imagine what would ever cause her to doubt that. But she still seemed to need constant reassurance that their relationship was all right.

The question was aimed at him frequently enough that he was actually starting to wonder himself if they really were OK. Because he couldn’t figure out what was going on in her mind. And if she was having doubts about their marriage, there really must be something wrong.

For many husbands—maybe for you—this puzzling question appears to come out of nowhere. But my research and interviews for my book For Men Only shed some light on the mystery. The “are we OK” question from women is all about security.

There are definite reasons wives keep checking in on the state of their marriage relationship. And it’s important to be aware of these four things that might be causing your wife’s feelings of insecurity.

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