A Health Update from Shaunti

A Health Update from Shaunti August 31, 2021

Hi friends!

When they say cancer is a “health journey”, they aren’t kidding! There have been quite a few twists and turns during these last 8 months since I learned of the breast cancer. And since you wonderful people have been asking, I wanted to share a bit about those twists and turns and give you a short-ish video update!

Bottom line: So far, it is good news about the big picture, even when the “little picture” has sometimes been challenging. I’m so grateful for God’s mercy and for your prayers. For the support of my family and team. For all the notes you have sent in the mail, the encouragement you have posted on social media, or the hugs at events. All of it has carried me through this strange season with a sense of joy and (mostly) equilibrium. And I’m learning a lot. I know God has already used what I’ve been learning to help me better reach others and will continue to. How like our great big God to work all things together for good in the way He promises!

With love to you all!

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