Top Marriage Advice for Newlyweds (and Everyone Else) About Money

Top Marriage Advice for Newlyweds (and Everyone Else) About Money June 7, 2022

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This series is created for those recently married or just about to be—but it also is for anyone who is curious about some of the crucial success factors for marriage. We have drawn several of the most simple but crucial factors through 18 years of research and 12 nationally-representative studies with more than 40,000 men and women. This is the third article in the series (you can read about stopping negative thinking here and about healthy communication here). If you have someone in your life who is engaged or newly married, pass it along! If they want to get the articles in the series, they can sign up for our blog here.

Tensions and disagreements around money are among the most common frustrations in marriage. The good news is: they don’t have to be! Based on a three-year research study Jeff and I did with thousands of couples, there are several crucial but often-overlooked steps that will make a huge difference in setting yourself up for a truly great relationship around money.

If you are engaged or relatively newly married, consider these steps now and talk to your fiancé or spouse about them so you start off right. Doing so will save you a lot of heartache! And if you’ve been married for years and are still finding yourself with money frustrations, avoidance or simply wishing you could get on the same page, you might want to walk through these as well. Uncovering these factors was transformative for me and Jeff, and I know they can be the same for you!

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