Why does my man try to carry all the groceries in at once?

Why does my man try to carry all the groceries in at once? August 18, 2022

It turns out that there is something very major under the surface of this very minor question.

Recently, Jeff and I went on a big shopping expedition for groceries and many other essentials for our college-bound kids. We finally rolled home with about 20 bags and boxes—everything from a shower curtain liner to a boxed coffee maker to cartons of fresh fruit and dorm-friendly snacks. I then watched in disbelief as Jeff opened the minivan door and began gathering up one bag after another, then more, then more, and then moved to put the coffee maker box under his arm.

What was he doing??

“Honey, let me help!” There was no pause in his movements. “Honey, I’m right here!”

He looked up and grinned as he delicately hooked the last bag with his pinkie finger. “Just open the kitchen door, wouldja?”

Speechless, I watched as the precariously balanced items moved toward the door, convinced that at any moment the coffee maker would crash and break, and the strawberries would fall and be smushed underfoot.

Ladies, will you join me in asking: WHY?! Why risk a wife’s mini-heart attack? I know that question is NOT just mine, because when I went on a popular photography site to find an image for this piece and simply searched “grocery bag,” the above image is what came up!!!

So I figured I would put on my social-researcher hat and ask a bunch of husbands this week’s question. What I heard is enlightening—because there is something very important running under the surface. There are three factors here that are pretty simple . . . but also pretty meaningful for all of us who want to have a great relationship with our man. (And these same factors often matter to our sons, as well.)

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