The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Gemini

The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Gemini December 30, 2016

patheos jan 2017 sign matthew currie(In case you haven’t yet — or if this isn’t your Sun or Rising Sign — read THIS first. It’s the main horoscope for the month, which describes the general conditions going on around you)

You might find yourself up against your fair share of social obligations this month. I’m not talking about the “going to that charity fundraiser with your celebrity socialite friends” kind of obligations — more like the “hey guys, let’s leave half an hour early and go drinking instead of wrapping up that budget report, because work sucks” kind of “social obligation.” Because, yeah, work sucks but it has to be done. Kissing up to the boss a little early in the month may have some benefits. But, like I said… you also have to do the work.

No matter how tempting it may be, you can’t spend your way out of the mood that the Full Moon is going to bring. Just ride it out. Try to work on your spiritual side and/or do something about your education for the New Moon. At least, look into some career development training or something. You like looking things up, don’t you?

And hey, worst case scenario — if you feel like you could benefit from a consultation, I know a guy…

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