The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Taurus

The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Taurus December 30, 2016

patheos jan 2017 sign matthew currie(In case you haven’t yet — or if this isn’t your Sun or Rising Sign — read THIS first. It’s the main horoscope for the month, which describes the general conditions going on around you)


Hey, how’s your head feel? Not in the “headache” sense so much as the “am I becoming more psychic or just hallucinating?” sense. You’ll probably find your intuition is particularly strong this month, as will be your ability to figure out and address some of your inner demons.

Everyone says their going to lose weight/start working out/whatever in January. It’s mostly guilt over the Christmas/New Year’s Binge Season. Nonetheless, any efforts you make this month to improve the body you’re in are more likely to pay off.

Get out and enjoy your friends during the first half of the month. You may find they are both more supportive and more useful than usual. Just don’t get caught using your friends — they won’t like that. And watch your damned mood during this month’s Full Moon: not only will you be feeling some agitation, but you’re more likely to speak up about it. Honestly, sometimes too much honesty is a terrible thing. On the other hand, that New Moon is an excellent time to get focused on something related to your work or career.

And hey, worst case scenario — if you feel like you could benefit from a consultation, I know a guy…

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