The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Scorpio

The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Scorpio December 31, 2016

patheos jan 2017 sign matthew currie(In case you haven’t yet — or if this isn’t your Sun or Rising Sign — read THIS first. It’s the main horoscope for the month, which describes the general conditions going on around you)

Hey, take it easy there pal: you’re not invulnerable (no matter how much you like to think you are). This month is a particularly good time to take care of your health and general physical well-being. That includes your psychological health as well: if you considered anything like therapy or counseling or just sitting down and unloading your worries on a trusted friend or advisor, this month could bring particular benefits. Yeah, I know, you don’t have the reputation for going around broadcasting all your problems… that’s why I said trusted friend or advisor.

You want some romance? Or, maybe just a good time? The first part of the month will provide more than the usual number of opportunities for that, and stronger than average urges as well. Just be careful with that around the Full Moon, where your appetites may lead you to some unwise decisions. Get some grounding (or just work on improving your home environment) on the New Moon.

And hey, worst case scenario — if you feel like you could benefit from a consultation, I know a guy…

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