Gratitude for Mentors and Guides

Gratitude for Mentors and Guides November 24, 2014

I am grateful for the many people who shine their light on my path. For all its solitary nature, witchcraft isn’t something we just pick up on our own. Sure, we come to this path as individuals and we are the only ones who can do the work, but we aren’t alone.

I learn so much from my friends and fellow bloggers, both online and off. The discussions we have help me articulate ideas, feel less crazy, and inspire me to try new techniques or keep sticking with old ones. However, nothing replaces my mentors, guides, and teachers.

Anderson Faery seems to attract cantankerous, willful, strident individuals. We don’t take kindly to doing as we’re told. I fit right in! Paradoxically, the student/teacher relationship is of utmost importance. I recently lost one of my two Anderson Faery teachers. He was a superb teacher and human. His partner remains my teacher and I am grateful for his love of the Craft, commitment to his students, and his friendship. In addition to my teacher/s, I am grateful to have found other Anderson Faery initiates who listen to me, prod me along, and offer their encouragement.

I am also grateful to have this platform here at Patheos Pagan, and for the guidance and support of our editor, Christine Kraemer. She is a spiritual mentor, professional colleague, and friend.

I often feel like my spiritual path is fraught with boulders, dead end signs, and fallen trees blocking my path. My mentors and guides help me see where to climb over, where to go around, and maybe where I’m just not seeing the forest for the trees.

So, thank you.


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