Pagans in Politics: Never Say Sine Die

Pagans in Politics: Never Say Sine Die April 2, 2015
The "Gold Dome" of the Georgia Capitol building, with Miss Freedom on top.
The “Gold Dome” of the Georgia Capitol building, with Miss Freedom on top.

It’s Sine Die, that is, the last day of the legislative session in Georgia. The clock stops at midnight; anything that doesn’t pass both houses by then is really and truly dead. (Until next year!) There are skullduggeries, shenanigans, dramatic reversals, Pyrrhic victories, backroom deals, sudden but inevitable betrayals, and a lot of hot air, all in a chaotic yet protocol-bound maelstrom. If you’ve never been to one of these, imagine a cross between a blood sport and a telethon.

I’ve given talks before about Pagans in politics; you’d be surprised at what you can get done simply by showing up and talking to people, regardless of how high on the mast your freak flag may be. The reason more people don’t do it is that it’s exhausting, confusing, and occasionally enraging. But it’s also kind of fun.

The Georgia version of the RFRA bill is rumored to be dead in the water, and yet…bills have risen from the grave before to bite the necks of the unsuspecting populace. It ain’t over til it’s over. Planned Parenthood Southeast is all over that one because of the implications for access to birth control; aside from the “religious freedom” law, other issues of interest to Pagans appear in the Georgia Sierra Club’s Legislative Blog.  There may be more but I’ll fill in as I figure them out.

I have to work all day but after I am done educating the youth of Athens I plan to head down to the Georgia Capitol building to see what is to be seen.  And live-blog it here, for your benefit. Wish me luck. And fortitude.

UPDATE:  I shall tweet tweetingly from my Twitter account, then post here periodically.  Like so:

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