Sorry, Mummy and Abba. I’m feelin’ the Bern.

Sorry, Mummy and Abba. I’m feelin’ the Bern. February 11, 2016


This is a guest post by Fatema Biviji.

Sorry, Mummy and Abba, I know I promised that I would support Hillary after Obama had his shot. I know that the Clinton era brought us the best of times, and I can’t forget the joy on your face, Abba, when President Bill Clinton replied to your letter.

But with Bernie comes a unique opportunity for America to return to a fairer way of doing politics. He’s the statement we need to make for Washington to know that we have truly had it with big money.

Lastly, it’s Bernie’s take on spirituality that speaks to me and has finally pushed me to make this very difficult but necessary decision.

I love you, dear parents, and the Clintons too. But I’m feelin’ the Bern.

Fatema resides in Irving, TX with her husband and children. She is an ardent Obama supporter and was a grassroots organizer for his campaign in 2008.

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