Brillo Pads and Baby Boys

Brillo Pads and Baby Boys October 19, 2010

Last night, I changed a diaper.

This diaper change was different than the countless diapers I’ve changed over the last five years. This diaper change was…well…disconcerting.

Friends and family had warned me that sometimes, when you change a baby boy’s diaper, his tiny little boy part gets a tiny little…er…bounce in it’s step. It’s not that I didn’t believe them, it’s just that I tried not to think about it. And since it had not happened to me, it was easy to not think about.

And then, last night, I unwrapped my son and cleaned him off before noticing that his nether region looked…strange. But I couldn’t figure out what was going on with it. So I poked it.

Liam smiled and gurgled and all at once I realized what had just happened, and I quickly diapered him and shoved him into the Ogre’s arms and ran to the bathroom to scrub my hands and my memory with a brillo pad.

Much to my chagrin, brillo pads don’t work on memories.

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