Prayer Request

Prayer Request January 15, 2011

I’d like to ask you all for your prayers in the coming months. Our very dear friend Kathleen, the daughter-in-law of my incredibly awesome godparents, is in the hospital with a partially ruptured placenta. She is about seven and a half months pregnant with their third child, Josephine, and has been placed in the hospital until the baby is born. It seems that the rupture is so small that the doctors cannot find it on an ultrasound but large enough to cause bleeding that has not yet let up. The doctors are afraid that the placenta might fully rupture and want to keep Kathleen as close to an OR as possible should that happen.

I think the doctors are wise in their decision, and I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when we learned that she will be staying in the hospital until her scheduled C-section. Placental abruptions are far too quick and dangerous to take chances with, in my opinion. However, this leaves her husband JP working a very stressful full-time job during the day and spending evenings visiting Kathleen at the hospital, and their two little ones staying with Kathleen’s mother. It’s putting a lot of strain on everyone involved and I know they would all be grateful for your prayers. If you think of it, please say some prayers to St. Joseph for his intercession. This family has a special devotion to St. Joseph, and I for one am praying that he’ll do some interceding on behalf of his tiny little namesake.

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be posting updates as they come along.

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