Someone January 25, 2011

in Tulsa, Oklahoma thinks that I am an awesome writer.

This morning I was up at 5:30 with Liam, who seems to think that watching the sun rise is great fun. In my semi-conscious daze, I clicked randomly on the shortcuts we’ve installed on the top bar of our internet browser. It was too early to type an actual website into the search bar, so I clicked past HotAir (way to early for nasty politics), got impatient waiting for Drudge Report to load, clicked through Betty Duffy’s link and read an amazing article by Sally of Castle in the Sea about explaining abortion to her children, and then clicked lazily on my StatCounter.

Having been inspired by Simcha to pay more attention to my search terms, I went to see what people were searching for today that landed them on my blog. And there, amidst the flood of “lebanon” inquiries, I saw this: “calah alexander of barefoot and pregnant is an awesome writer.”

Dear, lovely person in Tulsa, Oklahoma, whoever you are, you made my morning.

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