7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! February 18, 2011

Yay! I love Fridays! And guess what? We’re having the Pioneer Woman’s mushroom and swiss sliders tonight. Oh. My. Yum. They are great. I made them once before, and do you know what’s even better than seeing your husband and minions gobbling up the dinner you made? Having made said dinner in about half an hour. Quick meal, easy clean-up, delicious.

Oh, and also, this meal fits right in with my amazing new ability to be temperate! Since the burgers are so tiny, I only eat one.

Why are all female superhero pictures so massively inappropriate? This is the only picture I could find where bosoms weren’t punching me in the face.

Okay, so actually I ate two last time.

and a half

But tonight, it’s one. One. One. One. One.

Temperance is a really hard virtue.

There Is Some Craziness
going around in the blogosphere lately, eh? And I don’t actually mean that anyone’s position in this whole “Is Lila lying” debacle is crazy, I just mean that people are getting really worked up over it. 
I weighed in last night on Dr. Nadal’s excellent blog, but since then have given it a lot more thought. Actually, something Mark Shea said caught me in my tracks and so I proceeded to spend most of the day today calling everyone I respect and shanghai-ing them into a conversation about it. I’ve come up with an earth-shattering conclusion. Are you ready for it?
I Don’t Know
I’m not sure who’s right. But I do know that in talking with my mom, my dad, the Ever-Teacher, a good friend, and the Ogre, I’ve come up with quite a few interesting things to say about the whole thing. So, being that I’m a blogger, I’m going to do what bloggers do best and…
Blog About It!
You can expect a post up tomorrow with all the arguments, comparisons, conversations and dangers I and others who are wiser than me see on both sides of this issue. 
I know you’re on the edge of your seat. Hang in there. You can make it until tomorrow. 
Oh, the bad news about this is that it will push my planned follow-up to the Daughter of Eve post off until Sunday or Monday. Sorry about that, but I kinda want to get to this subject while it’s hot. I seem to always be thinking about things for too long and then, by the time I decide to get around to writing about them, everyone else has moved on. Well not this time! 
Not my favorite picture, but you can see a lot of the details on the dress
from Betty Beguiles about whether or not we liked our wedding dresses. I really wanted to do it but didn’t get around to it, so I’ve now decided to devote a few of these quick takes to that. 
I loved my dress at the time, but if I could do it again I would do something different. I went for the whole “elegance” theme, which is so not me. Witness the picture I chose to have on display in the foyer for proof:
If I could do it again, assuming the same time of year (August), I would do something like this:
Dear Anthropologie: you are evil. And seriously, this dress could not possibly have cost you anywhere close to $1400 dollars to make.
with red heels, and my bridesmaids in red tea-length dresses. I would have red and orange gerbera daisies (which is what I wanted initially but looked silly with my dress), have the wedding in the morning, and do a picnic reception. 
That is much more my style. 
But There Were Many Things
that I loved about my wedding. The bride’s cake was gorgeous and Grand-Marnier flavored. It was the best cake I’ve ever eaten, and we didn’t save the top tier for our first anniversary because I ate the whole thing the week after the wedding. I still dream about that cake.
The groom’s cake
was the brainchild of the Ogre and I. It was going to be our only cake before I totally spazzed out at the cake shoppe and insisted on a bride’s cake too because the grand marnier flavor was so dang good. But this cake was totally awesome. The title of each book was a reference to some aspect of our relationship. The one that was already eaten when this picture got taken was A Light in August.
The groom himself
wasn’t such a bad catch, even though my bridesmaids had to force him into the church. 
We had the cutest little flower girl in the world, too,
whose gorgeous dress was made by hand by my incredible grandmother. Of the Louise-isms fame.
Of course, whatever qualms I may have now about my fashion choices or terrible selection of a DJ really don’t matter much because, at the end of the day, what I remember most is my wonder at the sacrament of marriage.
All Day Today
I’ve been trying to detach children from my arms and legs so I could blog. Even now, they hover and cling. But every time I said to them, “Can you please let me sit down and blog!” I got an image in my head of Martha and Captain Jack, running for their lives while chatting about Rose, and the good Doctor turning around and saying, “You two! We’re at the end of the Universe. Right at the edge of knowledge itself. And you’re busy…blogging!”
And then I laugh, because I love Doctor Who. 
One Last Picture
This one’s for you, Bobby.
Happy Friday everyone! Check back tomorrow for my attempt to grapple with this Lila Rose thing. 
In the meantime, go see Jen and the other Quick Takers.
Oh, and one more thing. Please don’t think that tomorrow I’m going to attack Lila Rose and Live Action in any way. This is more of an exploration of the gray areas in moral theology for me (and yes, there are gray areas). Lila Rose and her band of warriors are heroes, truly.

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