The Saturday Evening Blog Post!

The Saturday Evening Blog Post! March 5, 2011

I always forget about the Saturday Evening Blog Post until the first Saturday of the month rolls around, and then I’m delighted to see Elizabeth Esther’s updated blog on my sidebar!

In case you’re new around here, this is how the Saturday Evening Blog Post works: you choose a post of yours from the last month, link to it on EE’s linky widget, remember to leave her a comment thanking her (it’s just polite, people), then go back to your own blog and write a little blurb explaining the whole thing.

Things have been a little serious around here lately. From my ruminations over what it means to be a wife and mother while still maintaining one’s own identity to my freaky turn as Linda Blair, I’ve been more morose than I like to be. So I’m linking to my post on a blogger’s lessons in time management to get my Saturday started off with a little levity.

For a lot of levity, check back tomorrow to see pictures of my husband going up in flames!

(And, in case you’re wondering, at approximately 8 pm tonight I will not be standing around with my camera, laughing while my husband lights the chicken. I will actually be hovering anxiously with the fire extinguisher while pleading with him to use the longer matches that I’m definitely buying. Because I love my Ogre.)

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