7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! July 15, 2011

I’m glad it’s Friday, because quick takes are all I’d be able to do today. I am in system overload. Actually, it’s beyond that. My forehead is blinking Warning: System Failure Warning: Crash Imminent repeatedly. If you think I’m lying, just come over. Trust me. It’s written right there in between the worry lines and above the dark circles. 

Why Is This So? 
Well, because I’m failing at life. That’s why. 
In Nevada, my life was manageable. It was boring and isolated, but it was manageable. And then I moved here and suddenly I have friends again! Parents! Sister and brothers! Sisters-in-law! Brothers-in-law! All with kids who want to hang out with my kids!
Not only that, but I also have a fair bit of things to do on my own time. Some important writing projects. My blog. Our jewelry business. Our jewelry website. Prepping to homeschool Sienna next year. Making jewelry. Etc. Etc. 
But suddenly, I have no time. Or at least not much of it. The house isn’t as child-proofed as our apartment was in Vegas, so I can’t just leave the kids alone to play and write. The kids still aren’t napping on a good schedule. Liam spent the last five days with a nasty ear infection and literally did not sleep for days. Snatches of sleep, here and there, mostly on my shoulder while I rocked him, but no real, extended sleep hours. 
All of this has combined into the perfect storm of stress. 
So, Naturally,
instead of dealing with things, I’ve been hiding in my parent’s salt-water pool. 
Unsurprisingly, life seems easier to do out there. Especially when, like last weekend, my sister comes home with a bottle of vodka and we drink it. All. Yummy. 
I love Aunt Becky’s blog, Mommy Wants Vodka, which is where this picture came from. Please go see her! If you’re not easily offended, you’ll love her too. 
I Also Love Dexter
which I just recently started watching after resisting the pleas of my bro and sis-in-law for many and sundry a year. 
If you’re thinking to yourself, “Now Calah, you can’t complain about being overwhelmed by life and then in the same blog post talk about how you just started a new TV show! Your procrastination is showing!” let me just remind you about that ear infection that kept Liam up for hours upon hours upon bleary hours. 
But more importantly, let me also remind you about that whole Duck and Cover thing. 
When life hands you stress, run from it, is what I always say. 
Speaking of Running
I finally started running again this week, in an effort to avoid spontaneous combustion due to stress. It’s going pretty well, actually, aside from my knees being twice their usual size. But I always forget how much I love running until I start doing it again. It’s wonderful. 
Kind of. Well, running itself kind of sucks, but I love how great I feel afterward. 
But Wait!
I was talking about Dexter!
This show is fascinating. The premise deals with the whole vigilante thing, but in a more interesting way than it is usually dealt with. A way that deals with the question of humanity and morality and good and evil. I can’t tell you too much more without giving bits and pieces of it away, so I’ll just give the whole show my stamp of approval. 
Although I have to add the caveat that you probably knew was coming due to the bloody picture above…it is, in my mother’s words, rough. 
Like, chopped-up-hookers-strategically-placed-under-a-Christmas-tree rough. But don’t let that deter you!
I’m Not Sure
how that last sentence could have possibly not deterred you, so on that note, I’m just going to wish you a happy weekend. 
Go see Jen, who’s also a wee bit stressed this week, but whose stress has not led to a blog post in which hookers and vodka make a cameo.  She even talks about normal things, like salad. 

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