7 Some Kind of Takes Friday

7 Some Kind of Takes Friday September 2, 2011

Yeah, these are supposed to be quick, but I’m feeling sluggish and under the influence of a crappy week and strong martinis. So I make no promises about what is to follow.

I Miss My Ogre

Yesterday was…well, it was shit, incarnate. I know I don’t often just come out and swear boldly on this blog, but sometimes there is no other word for how terrible something can be. And yesterday was that. Shit.

The Ogre had really good reasons for being pissed off at me this morning. Excellent reasons. He should have been upset. And yet, mid-early-morning-angry-workout, I got a text with a link.

It took me all day to actually sit down at a computer and click the link, and I admit I dragged my feet a little because I was afraid it was some sort of castigation via YouTube.

It wasn’t.

It Was This


I married the best man in the world. And I hate every second that I have to spend apart from him and his stinky hobbit feet.

Have I Ever Mentioned

how very much I LOVE the Pogues?

Oddly enough, it was Simcha’s scathing review of Shane McGowan’s collaboration with The Priests that turned me onto the Pogues in the first place.

And (sorry, Simcha) I love the Little Drummer Boy song. I love this cover. And since then, I have come to love everything about the Pogues.

Even Shane McGowan’s Teeth

Seriously. I can almost look at them without wincing now.

As It Happens

but only if you love The Pogues

ever since I became obnoxiously vocal about my love for all things Pogue, I have discovered that almost everyone I know who is awesome already loves them.

(Like Melanie and her sister Tree)


The Ogre has begun sending me Pogues songs for every time I have some sort of mental breakdown, actually. Like the time I was upset about something involving my family, he sent me this.

Not only did it make me feel better, but I laughed. For a very long time.

God, I miss my husband.

Happy weekend! Have one on me, mate. (Pleeease, Kassie, pleeeeease get the reference.)

Oh, all right, here’s a sendoff just to make you laugh:

Thanks to Dwija for the link via Twitter. Go and see Jen for more quick takes!

*Update: I have no idea why the second half of this post is white, but I wish it would stop being that color. It’s messing up my sense of harmony and balance, dammit. 

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