7 Super Quick Takes Friday

7 Super Quick Takes Friday October 28, 2011

It’s Friday. I’m in a bad mood. I haven’t had ANY time to blog lately which is making me very angry and sad. I miss my friends.

And I do not care how pathetic that makes me.

But right now Sasha Feroce has the little nipotini at the doctor, so I have approximately 14.3 minutes in which to put up quick takes. 
Here goes. 
I’m In a Bad Mood
because these little minions 
will. not. frakking. sleep. 
No, not ever. Not even for a little while. 
It is as if they have choreographed their nighttime waking, so every hour someone is up and screaming. It takes me an hour to put them back down, and then the other one is up. 
Repeat. Ad nauseum. 
I’m Combating This Nightly Ritual of Torture
by drinking copious amounts of wine in the evening while watching Torchwood
This is perhaps the worst decision I’ve ever made, and yet I make it nightly. I blame lack of sleep and lack of husband, although what it really comes down to is the fact that wine is like a big tannic security blanket right now. 
And Despite
having gotten back into running two miles every morning, I have yet to lose a single pound. I have to buy new sweaters because I foolishly optimistically put all my fat sweaters in storage and only brought my skinny ones. 
My brother-in-law keeps telling me that I’m not losing weight because of the wine. 
I keep telling him to shut up. 
That’s Enough Whining
Now for things that are currently making me happy
It’s Bloody Cold Outside
and there’s a merry fire crackling in the fireplace and hot coffee in my mug. 
I love cold weather. I wish it was cold all the time. I love everything about cold weather. I love autumn and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am so, so, so happy they are finally here. 
The Ogre
He took the mace with him to his exams
took his final written qualifying exam yesterday. His oral defense is one week from Monday, so my poor, exhausted husband has a few days to rest before diving back into the abyss of the lyric. 
I Found The Cutest Halloween Costume Ever 
for Liam. 
And it was only $4. 
I am frugal mother. Hear me roar.
This is Awesome
My time is up. I must dress the children and do the dishes. 
Happy weekend, everyone! Go and see Jen for more quick takes. 

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