Gratitude November 24, 2011

In the last month, lots of my facebook friends have taken to posting something new that they are grateful for each day. This little game has annoyed the hell out of me, for no good reason at all actually. But today, seeing as how it’s a day in which we gather to give thanks for the freedom and bounty and pies which this land has afforded us, I figured I might as well take off my crotchety pants and join in the fun.

…the fog outside, which is transforming an ordinary Dallas street into a little bit of something magical. 
…my sister-in-law, who is letting me make the stuffing this year even though it’s her first year to run the Thanksgiving show. 
…Doctor Who, which my children are watching behind me as I type. 
…the fact that they’re making a Doctor Who movie.
…my blog, and all my readers who encouraged me to keep writing through pregnancy, labor and delivery, moving, putting my foot in my mouth, struggling with depression, and drinking myself under the table.
…my blogging friends, especially Grace, Dwija, Leila, Kassie, Sarah, and Melanie.   
…my brother-in-law and his wife, who have welcomed us so completely into their home, given us two rooms, and put up with my children who refuse to sleep at night. 
…my parents, for being so supportive, for loving my kids so much, and for always being there for me. 
…my mom, for grasping the severity of the situation with Liam quicker than I did and for keeping a calm head during that agonizing car ride. 
…modern medicine and the invention of the epi pen. 
…mashed potatoes. 
…hot showers. 
…my three healthy, happy, infuriating children. 
…my hairy husband. 
…the University of Dallas, for everything it has given me, including my hairy husband. 
…my brothers and sister and my sweet sister-in-law. 
…my mother-in-law, for teaching me to appreciate the mixing of foods. 
…my father-in-law, for teaching me the importance of saying exactly what you mean, unless you want to spend the next two hours in the Study of Doom. 
…my niece and my nephews. 
…yoga pants. 
…pumpkin pie. 
…Mumford and Sons. 
Most of all, today, like every Thanksgiving, I remain eternally grateful that I married a man who cares even less about football than I do. After 20 years of being surrounded by television screens showing football, football and more football every Thanksgiving of my life, I am thrilled to report that tonight our television screen will be showing Love, Actually
And finally, I am so thankful that tomorrow I can legitimately turn on Christmas music 24 hours a day! 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 
What are you the most thankful for today? 

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