One Extremely Fantastic Quick Take Friday

One Extremely Fantastic Quick Take Friday November 4, 2011

Remember my Ogre? (That’s him with the scowl on).

Remember how he was studying for those harrowing qualifying exams which will officially make him ABD?

HE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can probably imagine, I’m near hysterics here. I can’t even write a coherent post. He found a cheap ticket and is flying in tomorrow afternoon to surprise the kids and celebrate, so there’s NO WAY I’ll be back in Bloglandia this weekend. 
I know many of you were praying and crossing your fingers for us, and I am so grateful to you! The last few months have been really hard on both of us, and it feels like a thousand pounds has been lifted off us now that this hurdle has been cleared. He has only to finish out teaching the semester now before we spend Christmas with our family and then ship off to our new home. 
I’ll be back next week. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. He could probably have done it without you, but I couldn’t have. 
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