A St. Nicholas Day Request

A St. Nicholas Day Request December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicholas Day, everyone! Later this week I’ll be over at the revamped Virtuous Pla.net, now known as Ignitum Today, musing about St. Nicholas and Santa. (I think, at least. The post is as yet unwritten.) But today I have a semi-desperate request to make.

I’ve hinted around at it, but now that the paperwork is all official and we have found a house to rent and all, I guess it’s time to make the big announcement. The Ogre has a job at Ave Maria as a visiting professor for the spring semester!

We’re very excited. I’ve never actually been to that part of Florida, but I hear it’s beautiful. My mom is beside herself because she loves vacationing in Florida. I’m beside myself because I’ll be within driving distance of this. The Ogre is never beside himself, but he is glad to have a job. The kids are beside themselves at the prospect of a beach.

We’re throwing ourselves into moving insanity yet again, but this time there’s a bitter pill to swallow. Our cat, Loki, who I rescued from a very bad place when the Ogre and I were just dating, can’t come with us. The house we are renting is strictly a pet-free zone. If the circumstances were different, we’d probably just look for another place, but rentals are not easy to come by in Ave Maria and this one is perfect in every other way, and besides we have about three weeks before we have to leave Texas, which doesn’t leave much time.

So I’m trying to find her a place to live. This cat has annoyed the life out of me for the last six years, but actively finding her a new home has made me realize how much I actually love her. She’s moody and tempermental, like all cats, but if you show her some attention she’s yours for life. She absolutely adores the Ogre and will probably be heartbroken when we leave her somewhere. She is fixed but she’s not de-clawed, and she does like to scratch. She scratched up our couch, actually, before we discovered that if you put those hanging door-scratchers around the house she’ll scratch those instead of the furniture. She’s not terribly fond of children but she does tolerate them, and when she gets her tail pulled by a too-friendly child (or a too-naughty one like Charlotte) she usually just yowls and finds a bookshelf to jump up and hide on.

She’s also very fat and lazy.

Not a great picture. According to the Ogre, she is being difficult. 

So if you or anyone you know would be interested in taking our cat, please email me at calahalexander(at)yahoo(dot)com. It may be just a temporary thing; we may be moving again in the summer and be able to take her back. But it may be permanent. There’s no way to know at this point. Regardless, we are very sad to have to let her go and would be so incredibly grateful to anyone who would be willing to give her a good home, temporary or not.

Thanks, everyone! Happy St. Nicholas day!

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