7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! November 16, 2012


I’m relieved that it’s Friday. I’m happy to get back to quick takes after the intensity of yesterday’s post and the combox discussion. I really appreciated the civil and downright pleasant conversation I had with Kaoru, but other people…not so much. I’m not much of a current events blogger, unlike The Anchoress, and enduring the combox beatings really took it out of me. Luckily one of my neighbors came over this morning for coffee and a meeting of our informal “Bad Parents Club”, in which we mostly talked about The Walking Dead and ignored the children throwing tantrums at our feet (mine, not hers). It was great. We’ve come to the conclusion that all the writers for the show must have all been on vacation or something when the last episode was written, because it. was. awful. Anyone else with me on that? The season started out so promising, but I’m already sick to death of the boring governor and his predictable, not-at-all-shocking-sadism. I’m pretty sure they’re going in a social experiment/Lord of the Flies direction with this show, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I wanted to read Lord of the Flies, I’d read Lord of the Flies. What I want from The Walking Dead is Zombies! Chills! Thrills! Horror! Mayhem! Not social commentary. Blech.


Speaking of television, I watched all of season one of Once Upon a Time in the last two weeks. (What? I sit around and nurse a baby a lot.) I LOVED the first season almost as much as I’m hating the second season. I think this is one of those shows where the conceit cannot hold past a single season, and when it’s broken the show tanks. Much like Lost. *ducks while everyone throws bricks at me*


It’s cold again today. Or, okay, cold for southern Florida, which means upper 60’s. But still. I love running on cold mornings, even though my asthma hates it. It’s so refreshing. Also, one of my other neighbors drove past me this morning and whooped encouragingly out the window, which made me feel much better about the plodding run/walk I was attempting. And now the windows are open, and the neighbors are probably getting an earful of Charlotte and Liam’s bickering while I blog. Oh, well.


I think I have a meal-planning hangover. I spent almost 2 hours last night planning our Thanksgiving dinner and making grocery lists, and now my head is absolutely splitting. Although it could have been the time I spent in front of the computer in the last two days. I think I’ll spend the weekend off the internet and at the park with my kids.


Oh, guess what? A candy shop opened in La Piazza. I think I’m going to take Charlotte there tomorrow for some one-on-one time. I’m kind of excited about the candy shop, but I’m seriously questioning the wisdom of the businesses in town. I’m not sure how much money a candy shop will really make, but if someone opened a pharmacy? They would make BANK. They would have the entire market cornered, and in a town with a zillion kids, that’s a lot of antibiotics that need to be dispensed on a regular basis. Maybe I should open a pharmacy.


We’re going to Trader Joe’s this afternoon. It’s not normal to be so excited to go to a grocery store, but I seriously love Trader Joe’s. I know I’ve told you this before but…it’s magical. It’s like, filled with fairy dust and unicorns and Windmill cookies. I love it.


By the way, Trader Joe’s turkeys are. the. best. You will never, ever have a turkey better than theirs. You will love it. It’s pre-brined for your convenience and freaking delicious for your enjoyment. I’m not kidding. Please buy a turkey from Trader Joe’s*. You won’t regret it.

That’s your PSA for the day.

Go see Jen for more quick takes. Happy Friday!

*Trader Joe’s does not pay me to endorse their products, but I wish they would. In Windmill Cookies.

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