At Least I’m Not Posting About Homocidal Llamas

At Least I’m Not Posting About Homocidal Llamas November 17, 2013


Yeah, I’m really tired of posting on these phrases now. But since I committed and everything, I feel like I should follow it through.

It’s not that I’m facing massive disagreement, just apathy. Mostly people are like, “why are you wasting your time on this?”, a question I’m starting to ask myself as well. I do think it’s important, that the language we use shapes the way we understand the world, but I also think that very few other people care. And maybe the part of me that’s an English major is just rebelling out of sheer neglect and forcing me to wage a meaningless war on arbitrary semantics. Maybe I am just wasting my time, and yours. If so, you can tell me, but I’m going to finish the series because *gritsteethandhisses* follow through.

Anyway, if my combox fills up with criticism, at least I’ll be in good company. Pope Francis says it’s important to be criticized, which is good news for me. And don’t worry. All things come to an end, whether they’re good, bad, or unsettlingly hilarious. Here’s proof:

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