Sorry About the Raunchy Sidebar Ad -Updated

Sorry About the Raunchy Sidebar Ad -Updated December 31, 2013

I know there’s some nasty stripperella ad happening in the sidebar on the Patheos blogs, so please, if you see it, take a screen shot and email it to me! The blog wizards can’t get rid of it if they can’t see it, so I have to email them the screen shots to get it removed. In Windows, just hit the print screen button (prt scn or prt sc), past the image into an image editing program, save it, attach it to an email, and send that email to

I’m really sorry about that, and I’d like to have it cast into internet oblivion as soon as possible, so I would appreciate any and all screen caps you can get! (You can do this any time you see an offensive ad, btw, even if it doesn’t feature anime striptease, and I’ll send it on to Those Who Wield the Power.)

*Update via Leah Libresco: “The screenshot isn’t enough, blogops also need the url. If your folks don’t want to click on it (and who could blame them) they can right click and hit “copy link address” and then send *that* to blogops.”

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