Beating the Tuesday Blues

Beating the Tuesday Blues June 3, 2014

Rainy, rainy, rainy here in the sunshine state. The nickname for Florida is clearly a lie. It is like we are in that other hemisphere, the one where it’s cold in the summer and warm in the winter, except here, it’s warm and sticky all the time, but the sun doesn’t shine in the summer because it’s always raining. I would like to take that up with whoever made this place up. (That’d be you, God. What’s up with Florida?)

I’m going to cheer myself up by posting delightful things the internet has given to us as a way to compensate for rainy days. (Thanks for the internet, God. I will accept it as recompense for Florida’s summers. And winters. And existence.)

From the glorious minds at McSweeney’s, this list, which makes me happy because e.e. cummings is…not my favorite poet. “Poet” is being generous. (No, I never studied him. I just like to make unfounded statements about famous poets, because I have a liberal arts degree, and that’s what we do.)

YouTube Comment or e.e. cummings?

BY François Vincent

1. loog a his lirow nose

2. there is some shit I will not eat

3. LISN bud LISN

4. this i bad sorry to saY

5. leave her alone

she’s not your gal

6. She is Lucifierian !

7. THuNdeRB

loSSo!M iN

8. aThe):l

9. stunned. i. am. stunned. every question speaks to us

10. What is nothing?

(Click over to McSweeney‘s to see the answers)

But really, this one is my favorite. Michael McIntyre talking about how people with no kids don’t know (one bad word, fyi, but also TRUTH!):

Pretty much. “Good luck”, indeed.

Thanks, internet. I can now continue on with my day in a slightly less grumpy mood. And look, the sun is almost thinking about coming out!

Oh never mind. It’s raining again.



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