Charming Charlie and Her Bad Daddy

Charming Charlie and Her Bad Daddy April 8, 2015

Charming Charlie

Liam went to school with the girls this morning for a half-day of shadowing and testing, and Lincoln is still asleep. Instead of luxuriously enjoying the stillness and quiet, though, I’m wandering around the house, wondering what the heck to do with myself. So I figured I might as well tell you a new Charlotte story.

My friend Anna and I were in Naples getting stuff for Easter and in between fits of laughter, she started telling me a story about Charlotte. Two weeks ago, I took the Ogre to Naples to rent a car for a rhet-comp conference in Tampa. It took longer than we expected, so I asked Anna if she could pick Charlotte up from school.

Anna has a golf cart, and she usually chats with people as the carpool line is at a dead stop and all the good parents of Ave are millng around, gathering children and loading them up. On this day, she was talking with a few teachers about (very expensive) raffle tickets. Just as Charlotte began clambering aboard the golf cart, Anna was saying that she doubted she had the money to spend on raffle tickets.

Charlotte interrupted her and announced dramatically, “We don’t have any money at all! My Daddy took all our money and went to a different country!”

Just then, the line started moving. Anna tried desperately to allay the confusion, projecting her voice and saying “oh no Charlotte, your daddy just went to a conference! He just had a conference and it’s only in Tampa!” But by then she was nearly out of the parking lot, and the damage was done.

The hilarious damage.

But seriously, that kid.


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