Early Morning Radio Show!

Early Morning Radio Show! December 11, 2014

I meant to put this post up last night, but instead I fell asleep at like 8 while singing Liam his lullaby. I am not sorry about that, either. It’s 6:28 am and I feel fantastic. This could quickly become a new way of being for me.

Anyway, I’m going to be on Hearth and Home in about 2 hours (7:20 central time, 8:20 eastern time), talking about how we bring the spirit of Advent to our children. It’s an interesting topic for me, since the Ogre and I didn’t really grow up with liturgical traditions. A lot of what we do comes down to trial and error — each year we add something new, and usually we learn that what makes Advent magical for our kids is not what we expect (and sometimes not what we prefer!).

You can stream the show live here. Hope y’all catch it!

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