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Melodrama and Links January 12, 2015
go away I'm writing
the Ogre got me this mug for Christmas. It mocks me.

And no, I still haven’t finished organizing, tagging, and polishing my archives.

Administrative work like that is really not my thing — and when I say, “it’s not my thing,” I mean, “it makes me run hysterically in the other direction and do anything else to avoid it, even if that anything is laundry.”

But seriously, I’m hardly behind on the laundry at all, which is pretty much a miracle.

However, I am getting really, really, really cranky at the dearth of writing in my life. Posts keep writing themselves in my head at odd moments and then dying sad, meaningless deaths before they’ve even had a chance to live. I’m slowly becoming a walking graveyard full of forlorn and half-forgotten sentences, wasting away next to unwritten facebook messages and last week’s grocery list.

(^Seriously, that is how much I need to write. I just waxed poetic about not writing in the most melodramatic fashion imaginable.)

Sadly, that’s all the writing I have time for today, because the girls will be home from school in 20 minutes and we have to do a project, put away the Christmas ornaments, and then chop up and burn our Christmas tree. So here’s other people’s words to read, to help compensate for the lack of mine. (I mean, I’m sure you’re all waiting anxiously for me to write again, right?….hello? Is this thing still on?)

Rebecca Frech, with some handy advice on what to do when your mom is a dumba**:

“Just write down he was late for a family emergency and leave a phone number in case the principal has more questions.”

“Family emergency?” I asked her. “You really think this qualifies as a family emergency?”

“Sure,” she answered. “If your mom is a dumba**, it’s kind of an emergency.”

(Read the rest at Shoved to Them)

Kathryn Wales, with an important distinction between the good naked and the bad naked:

Sure, much of the mystery in this department may have already disappeared. But don’t think about it like that. Keep up a little decorum in your birthday suit and some of that mystique can be easily maintained. As an avid fan of Seinfeld, I’ll use the example of Jerry’s discovery of “good naked” vs. “bad naked”. He begins dating a woman who is most comfortable totally in the buff at all times. George is envious, of course, but Jerry assures him that there are some major drawbacks to this: “Coughing? Naked? It’s a turnoff, man.” After watching his girlfriend struggle to open a jar of pickles, he shouts, “I can’t look anymore! I’ve seen too much!” George still doesn’t understand. Jerry explains: “Naked hair-brushing, good. Naked crouching, bad.” Married people know all about this and should be laughing right now. Better put a robe on it when you’re not in an amorous mode.

(Read the rest at Verily)

And last, but the opposite of least, LEAH LIBRESCO HAS A RADIO SHOW!


It premiered on Saturday, and I made the children eat candy canes and watch Frozen so I could listen to it. It was amazing. Eye of the Tiger, Supernatural references, Narnia references, a discussion of Into the Woods, and Leah singing? Yes, please! You definitely will not want to miss next week’s show. Here’s the Youtube promo for it:

and you can get the links to her show and the archives here.

Be back soon. Ish. I hope. Please pray that the Lord will deliver me from editing archives.


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