May 30, 2019

As Pagans, are we more concerned about the state of the planet?  Can we do more? I suspect that being as in touch with nature as we are, we perhaps feel it very strongly – humans have infested planet Earth and done as much as we possibly can to destroy her.  Mother Nature is suffering. So, what can we do? Read more

May 15, 2019

Just like the moon, the sun has phases which can be used to tie in with your magical workings to add an extra boost of power.  The sun measures time, where it sits in the sky denotes what time of the day it is, and a sun dial would be quite useless without the sun to cast a shadow!  I also think that point between night and day and vice versa, that moment of hand over is quite special. Read more

April 29, 2019

Farewell winter, we welcome the spring and on into the summer. Adieu to The Cailleach, slumber well and we shall see you again in the autumn. Read more

April 17, 2019

Pagan Portals Sun Magic – An introduction to working with Sun magic, and how to live in harmony with the solar year and to utilise all the magical powers it provides. A book filled with the basics of the sun cycle, the representations and correspondences, what magic to work and when. A look at the solar year, sun deities, sun spells, meditations, specific sun rituals, sun recipes and more.. Read more

April 4, 2019

I have been asked this question on numerous occasions lately… “How does a Witch cope with issues such as stress, anxiety and the usual events that life throws at you?” It is an interesting question but also a strange one.  It somehow makes me feel that people don’t believe, as a Witch that I have all the usual things that everyone deals with. Read more

March 22, 2019

What is an altar?  Well I think it can be anything you want it to be… I like to mix it up a bit…to me an altar is an extremely personal thing, it not only represents who or what you follow, your faith, but also a reflection of you as a person.  Read more

March 4, 2019

Don’t think you have to limit your garden to just herbs or fill it with ancient or deadly plants. Each and every type of plant contains magic of some kind, even the humble blade of grass and the wayward weed. Read more

February 22, 2019

It took me a long time before I felt comfortable with the ‘W’ word.  I think it was probably at least a couple of years before I started using it out loud and even then, it felt strange to put myself in that category.   After that if people asked, I would start by saying I was a Pagan.  That seems to be far more acceptable in general society than Witch.  Thanks to Hollywood, the media and fairy tales that have given Witchcraft such a bad reputation.  If the person accepted that term and then asked more genuine questions I would give up the information that I was in fact, a Witch.   I have been extremely lucky (so far) in that I haven’t met any animosity or hatred for it, the only negative reactions have been those of disbelief or laughter, thinking that I was joking. Read more

February 4, 2019

I seem to have a bit of a reputation for cake…and I must admit I do love baking.  I find it quite therapeutic.  Recently I was asked to write a book proposal for ‘pagan cooking’ and of course I was excited about the prospect but then it got me to thinking, what exactly is ‘pagan cooking’? Read more

January 21, 2019

On my lunchbreak one day last week I was scoffing my soup and sandwich (and maybe a brownie) whilst watching a bit of day time TV, a series called Father Brown.  A light hearted period drama set in the 1950s and featuring a Roman Catholic priest who likes to get involved in detective work. (Loosely based on the books written by G K Chesterton). It is a bit of harmless entertainment but something Father Brown said in the episode I was watching resonated with me.  He was being questioned about his faith and his reply was “all religion should be open to enquiry”.  He was being asked if he ever doubted his religion or his beliefs and he confirmed that he did. It made me think… Read more

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