Altars: Keep the space…everybody keep the space…

Altars: Keep the space…everybody keep the space… February 28, 2020


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Altars: Keep the space…everybody keep the space…

I make no apologies if you sung that along with the Bon Jovi, Keep the Faith tune…

Over the years I have always had at least one altar, usually more (much to the dismay of my ever patient husband).

Each altar has been filled with paraphernalia, beautiful items purchased from very talented creative artists and craftspeople.  Added to with fresh flowers from the garden, herbs, crystals and any amount of candles.  Each altar gets bits and bobs popped on it from walks and adventures; pebbles, shells, leaves and similar natural items.  Any spell workings also find their way there too.

It ends up with quite a lot of clutter.  Then every so often I clear it all off, dispose of the natural items to the compost, cleanse the crystals, dust all the statues and give it a good clean.  Then I start again…

It started…

Originally back in the mists of time,  I had all the expected representations of the elements and deities, each one placed in the correct situation or compass direction.  But as my path grew so my altars changed, and things began to be placed wherever I felt they needed to be (see my previous blog post….

Whilst working my usual new moon magic this week, (see my previous blog ) I cleared out my spell dish ready to re fill with herbs, crystals and whatnot.  Only to realise it wanted to be clear and empty.  It felt that it needed to have some space for the Universe to fill it with lots of good things.

It was then I realised that this has happened to me before, on more than one occasion.   Sometimes my altar has been almost completely empty with just a candle or a solitary deity statue.  The feeling that lots of empty space was needed.  Obviously, items eventually crept back on there at some point, but there were periods of time when it just needed to be free and open.

And now

So, my spell dish is currently pretty empty.  My folded abundance cheque sits alone with a solitary piece of frankincense resin atop.  It felt right, so I trusted my intuition.

Perhaps it is a lesson in knowing that sometimes life needs to be decluttered and left to breath for a while.

My spell work felt that it needed some real empty space to allow the energy to move.  To feel that my options are all open and the door is wide to allow opportunities to come in.

There is a real temptation within this pathway to fill our homes and rooms with all things witchy.  I know, I have been there on many occasions.  And I love all my witchy items.  But when my altar is packed full of items perhaps I lose sight of some of them?  Maybe on occasion, less is more?

Although I always give the advice when clearing out or banishing things to fill the void left behind with good stuff.  Negative energy just loves to fill a void.  On these ‘space’ occasions it feels that the Universe will provide the good stuff because I left the void open for it.

I await with antici…pation…

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