BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 40: 3Ne 16, 20-30 (Rough post)

BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 40: 3Ne 16, 20-30 (Rough post) October 29, 2016

I’m on the road and having technical problems. So I’m posting this rough, now, and will try to clean up when I get home tonight or tomorrow morning.


3 Nephi 20- Miraculous production of bread and wine; Jesus interprets Isaiah.
3 Nephi 21- Jesus continues interpreting Isaiah.
3 Nephi 22- Jesus quotes Isaiah 54
3 Nephi 23 Jesus asks to see the records, to give them more. Rebukes Nephi. Tells them to include Samuel.
3 Nephi 24-25 Gives them Malachi.
3 Nephi 26- Mormon summarizes Jesus actions and visit. 1/100th written.

3 Ne. 27 After that, the disciples were traveling and were together, prayed, and Jesus appeared to them. Name of the church, disputations.
3 Nephi 28 – (This meeting continues) Origin of the  3 Nephites.
3 Nephi 29 – Mormon explains the covenant, that the appearance of Book of Mormon is a sign that the covenant is being fulfilled.
3 Nephi 30- Mormon addresses the Gentiles directly, tells them to repent.

First, on Isaiah. Joseph Spencer has a new book out on Isaiah that sounds great, The Vision of AllJoe typically does fantastic and accessible work, so I’m looking forward to this. There’s an interview about it here, and a panel was held recently and streamed online.

23:1 Again, he’s been quoting Isaiah.
3Ne 23:6 What is “scripture” from an etymological point of view?

3Ne 24:2 Malachi and second coming. (See my post about Malachi here)

  • v. 3- Levites make an offering to the Lord in righteousness.
  • Doctrine and Covenants 128:24 (for members in temple), 124:39 for things in the temple.
  • 5 Who will he be angry at? The non-members?
  • 8 Tithes and offerings- What are these?
  • 17-Jewels- H. segullah, Exo 19:5-6 “peculiar”, Rev. 1:6, Deu 14:2, 1 Pe. 2:9

25:5-6 Only passage that appears in all 4 standard works.
Doctrine and Covenants 2, Mal. 3:5-6, Joseph Smith-History, 38-9.

26:9 (Mormon) Wrote these things to test the faith of the people. Who is “they,” the “Gentiles” or “this people?”

3Ne 26:11 How does this constitute a test of faith?

3Ne 27:13 The gospel, the good news is that Jesus does the will of the father.
What does “gospel” mean? Good news. Luke 22:42- Jesus did the will of the Father, thus the atonement came to pass. Doctrine and Covenants 19:13-19.

27:16- Jesus will hold us guiltless. How is Jesus both judge and advocate? D&C 45:4-5

28:7 Three nephites. Like John?

28:36-37 Mormon adds to himself. Had prayed and had revelation. Means he’s not writing everything at once, but in pieces.

4Ne 1:27 administer sacred things to those unworthy. Eze 22:26, and the priests no longer distinguishing between the holy and the unholy contributes to downfall.

3Ne 20:10 Jesus finishes the commandment by telling the Nephites about the covenant. See Victor Ludlow, “Jesus’ Covenant Teaching in Third Nephi.” Rediscovering the Book of Mormon, p.177-185.

In discussing the law (Torah?) in 3Ne 15:8, the law is gone, but not the covenant.

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