Songs of the Northern Tribes

Songs of the Northern Tribes May 21, 2015


In support of Gaia Gathering: the Canadian National Pagan Conference, thirteen artists have come together to create an anthology of Canadian Pagan music and spoken word.  Only available online, this album spans thirty years and includes some of the best of out-of-print Pagan classics as well as some up-and-comers.  All artists have donated the use of their work: all profits from the sale of the album go directly to support the Conference.

Featured artists: Vanessa CarduiTara Ricethe Ancient GodsJD HobbesBrendan MyersDano Hammer, theDragon Ritual DrummersGallows HillHeather DaleTamarra JamesRaven’s CallSable Aradia,and Parnassus (Chalice & Blade).  Cover and logo by Gualter Reis.

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Songs of the Northern Tribes by Gaia Gathering 

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