Drogheda– a river city

Drogheda– a river city August 29, 2017


The last day of our tour was spent in Drogheda (pronounced Draw-he-da). It’s not far from Dublin, and it was an ancient walled city, as we shall see. The city has gone through many changes over the years, and here is what it used to look like.

dro1 The city has its usual pubs, with cheeky signs like this–
dro2 Being a river city, with a river that goes out to the sea, Drogheda is a fishing city hence….

Perhaps its most notable ancient feature, reminiscent of the gates in York, England, is its ‘bars’ or venerable gates and watch towers.

These things are massive up close…dro6dro7 Notice the size of the people standing next to the gate…dro8 The city needed protection from the Vikings, the English, and any other potential invaders of old. Today, these things are just tourist attractions.

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