Inside Durham Cathedral, and Beyond

Inside Durham Cathedral, and Beyond September 2, 2017

This is the cathedral of Bede’s burial, and St. Oswald, of St. Cuthbert, of the Lindisfarne Gospels, of Lightfoot, and Westcott, and Moule, and yes Tom Wright too. dur.32 It’s always a blessing to visit this sanctuary. Here is the tomb of Bede, and two of his famous writings. dur36 dur38dur39 Bede’s most famous work, The Ecclesiastical History of England, is actually what determined for the West the date when it was assumed Christ was born, the dividing line between B.C. and A.D. Bede was following the calculations of Dionysius the Short, another monk from a much earlier period, and sadly… he was off by 4-6 years, since Jesus was born before Herod the Great died. But I digress. Bede set the calendar for all of us. The chapel where Bede is buried was added to the cathedral later than the original structure, for here is the great West door, dur40 on the other side of this chapel, which used to be the front door. Also in the same west chapel is this wonderful modern work of art representing the last supper, and here is a description.


We have not even mentioned the main portion of the cathedral yet…!dur58

dur43dur45dur46dur47 Or the Lego replica in the gift shop!
dur48 Or the fabulous Norman arches…dur49 Or the Celtic crosses…dur50 Or the beautiful tomb of J.B. Lightfoot, the greatest NT scholar of the 19th century. dur52 Or poor St. Oswald, carrying his head around under his arm….dur60

And I could wax eloquent for a long time about all this. Instead, I will leave you with the city square in Durham…
dur53 now surrounded by about five coffee shops!

And we will end where we began these Durham posts, with C.K. Barrett. Here was the one major parish church he pastored during WWII, Bondgate Methodist, in Darlington. From there he went to teach at Durham U. thinking it might be a temporary thing, and he would soon return to the parish. It was not to be… and from my point of view, thank goodness, or I’d have never been to Durham, and we would never have had all his wonderful books and lectures. Sola Deo Gloria. dur55dur56

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