St. James and Belgravia Courts– Louisville

St. James and Belgravia Courts– Louisville September 7, 2017

While some of these old homes seem reasonably normal in size and design…..
bel11bel12 And there is even one three story apartment building (the first of its sort in any proper neighborhood in the town) which was built to house various WWI soldiers recuperating from the ravages of war…

This is hardly the ‘normal’ house on these streets where nothing succeeds like excess. The nouveau riche of Louisville loved turrets and towers and elaborate stone tracery work. bel15bel16 They liked etched glass, and stained glass windows (preferably Tiffany of course) and fancy doors and windows and balconies etc.

Even the street itself deserved ornamentation…

Look at these windows and window frames….bel20

Why not have an upstairs party porch?
bel21 Or go for a more French look…

bel22 Even the simpler limestone fronts had to have some fancy tracery or elaborate stone work….bel26
Obviously the competition was on…. and not to be outdone were the original owners of this palatial house on Belgravia…

And now you’ve seen how the other half lived…… but its time to go into one of these houses, and have a look around.

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