Bless be the Thai— Part One

Bless be the Thai— Part One August 17, 2019

I went to Bangkok to teach a two week intensive on Biblical Theology. There were about 40 students in the class who came from Singapore, the Philippines and of course Thailand proper for the class. The Christian population of Thailand is only about 1 percent, and so there are not many churches of long standing. Here are pictures of two of them. The first is the Anglican Church in Bangkok, founded 1908, with a very traditional structure and worship service….. It’s stained glass windows are marvelous, and some of them look like Tiffany glass. This is the church I attended the two Sundays I was in town.

Here’s another smaller church, but also quite old…..

The Protestant missionary work that has and is being done in Thailand, is mostly outside of Bangkok, in places like Changmai, and not surprisingly, different Protestant groups work in different places— for example the Methodists are way up north of Bangkok.

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