What’s Switzerland Famous For?

What’s Switzerland Famous For? September 14, 2022

Switzerland is famous for several things, notably chocolate (Lindt in particular, also Toblerone), snow-capped mountains, cuckoo clocks, and ultra neat and clean towns and cities.  You can actually walk into a chocolate shop and see a wall oozing with chocolate (more on this in a later post).

No, you are not allowed to lick the wall.

They are also famous for their flowers, although Edelweiss is more associated with Austria.

The picture below is edelweiss (you can start humming the Sound of Music song while reading this post.  Our guide told us that Austrians don’t even know the song, or for the most part even The Sound of Music itself).

Switzerland is divided into cantons, not states or regions, and each one has its own flag, as does the country.

Switzerland is also famous for its laws and rules. For example, note this warning sign on a windy mountain road—-

It reads too quick? or too fast?  Take your pick.

What the country, which is landlocked, is not famous for is genuine seafood, so I was surprised to see this truck in Lucerne—

Italian lobsters in Switzerland?  Well, I guess Swiss money can buy anything.


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