This Chocolate was Lindt to Me

This Chocolate was Lindt to Me September 16, 2022

But I’m not giving it back :). A tour of the Lindt chocolate factory was like watching the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a child’s dream.  I was in line for the free chocolate balls, and there was a little girl behind me who reached into the glass bowl and pulled out like 6 chocolate balls at once. You were supposed to try one of each kind.  I told her ONE, so I got to be the mean parent regulating the greedy child and spoiling her fun.  My personal favorite were the pistachio filled chocolate balls. Apparently not available in the U.S. in their green packages.  Every wedding should have a chocolate factory, or perhaps a hold your hand out, and the machine senses it’s there and drops a little chocolate rectangle into your hand.  And then there were the displays of every kind of stamped chocolate imaginable.  Now the tour was also educational as well learn where the cacao comes from etc. and learning that chocolate has more caffeine in it than coffee, and learning of the nutritional aspects of chocolate (ha, ha).   Here are some shots from inside the Lindt emporium.   By the way, they have a swiss cafe there as well where they only charge you 8 dollars for a scoop of good ice cream made with Lindt chocolate.   Stick to the free candy is my advice, before you discover you’ve paid 15 bucks for a cup of Joe and one scoop of ice cream, not even in a waffle cone.

If you are wondering, no it’s not possible to dive into the chocolate fountain.

This is the machine that drops chocolate squares of various flavors and sorts.  And below some of the many ways chocolate is branded and shaped.


One can only hope there’s chocolate in heaven. If not, I’m gonna have a little talk with Jesus.  It doesn’t have to be chocolate Easter bunnies.

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