A Rococo Church in the Meadow (aka in the Middle of Nowhere)

A Rococo Church in the Meadow (aka in the Middle of Nowhere) September 27, 2022

Sometime you just have to wonder what in the world the builders of some cathedrals were actually thinking.   I mean build an ornate cathedral in the middle of a cow pasture…. quite literally.  But then they tell you this was a pilgrimage church, a church one would stop at on the way to somewhere else like a major cathedral in a major city, say Saltzberg.  But I digress.  And while we are at it… those Guernseys really stink!

O.K. on the outside the church looks rather plain.  But wait until you see the inside.  The pulpit alone wins the award for most overdone pulpit area ever.

I want to know who thought— wow, that’s just right, a good place for the Gospel of Jesus’ message about Blessed are the poor to be delivered.  But rococo is nothing if not a ode to the philosophy that nothing succeeds like excess.

I imagine that’s David up there with the harp, and perhaps Moses with the law book.  And where, you may ask is Jesus?  In jail at the high altar… or is that someone else?

All these cathedrals have massive organs, usually with pipes front and rear.

You can buy the cheaper votive candles, or the deluxe long lasting models to take home.  Or…… you can go to the little shop beside the cathedral, having repented of and confessed your other sins  and order up some delicious fried dough called a Kucherel or we would call it a funnel cake at the fair.   And for the record— yes it’s delicious, with lots of cinnamon  dusting…… if consuming this is a sin, particularly during Lent, well then just label me a sinner with a smile on his face.


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